Corinne is a guide, to individuals, couples and small groups.
Corinne Diachuk

Corinne Diachuk is a mother, daughter, lover, somatic sex educator, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, she enjoys eating chocolate and riding bikes, she finds pleasure in the sights, smells and sounds in nature. You may find her weaving worlds and building community, sharing her somatic wisdom as an embodiment coach, Somatic Sex Educator (SSE), a trauma-sensitive trained yoga teacher, offering classes and workshops on and around the occupied territories of the Lekwungen people, colonially known as Victoria.

President for the Somatic Sex Educators Association, Corinne has been devoted to connecting practitioners with each other and their clients, building peer support networks, supporting ongoing professional development opportunities, and continuing to bring the importance of pleasure focused, trauma-informed sex education into the broader public awareness.

Co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology, and co-facilitator of the Somatic Sex Educator Professional Certification program in Canada with Dr. Liam Snowdon and Caffyn Jesse, you can learn more about the Institute here

Corinne is a guide, to individuals, couples and small groups, who are ready to find healing within through the expansive possibilities for embodied pleasure in life, and in finding a more truthful expression of self.

A dream of hers is that the healing that we are doing here and now in our bodies, we can send down into the earth to the ancestors of this land, and we can send forward to future generations in peace and reconciliations.

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Facilitator Reference Letters

To whom it may concern, I am writing to recommend to you the work of Corinne Diachuk. I have had the immense pleasure of attending, co-creating and evaluating workshops that Corinne has taken part in. Corinne is doing radical consent education in a way and at a time in history that we need pleasure focused, trauma-informed and social justice oriented experiential teaching. In sex education and anti-violence circles up and down the west coast Corinne is one of the most qualified, professional and frankly engaging facilitators. It is with immense delight that I think of folks of diverse allegiances, identities and knowledge bases at your conference learning with Corinne. In pleasure, Dr. Liam “captain” Snowdon Founder Sex Positive Art and Resource Centre (SPARC), Victoria, BC Assistant Professor, Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment
To Whom it may concern “Corinne Diachuk has displayed excellent professionalism and organization in presenting a consent focused workshop in Vancouver. She provided participants with theory and practical components. Corinne’s enthusiasm in teaching left people walking away from the day-long workshop excited about a new perspective. My hope is that we are able to host her in Vancouver again soon.” Ala Wroblewska R.Ac 604.961.9273
To whom it may concern, My understanding is that Corinne Diachuk is proposing to facilitate a 6-hour session on The Art of Negotiating Desire at the Guelph sexuality conference this year. I can highly recommend her for this role. I can speak to her professionalism and her embodiment of the knowledge that she will present and share with lucky participants. Corinne has a deep understanding of the nuances of consent that includes awareness of embodied and systemic oppression, and is trauma-sensitive. She will give participants an experience that will expand their minds and offer them actual tools and practices to support their feeling more empowerment and pleasure. I am confident your participants will feel more able to speak their truth, ask for what they want, and hear what others feel and desire. In their work with clients, they will understand how people fail to speak their truth, and instead go into enduring unwanted touch, taking unwelcome liberties, fearing their own (or others) desires, and fearing expression of their own (or others) boundaries. I have taught with Corinne for the last 4 years in the Canadian Somatic Sex Educators Professional training. She is a very skilled presenter who tracks each participant in our intensives, with awareness of their vulnerabilities and support for their personal needs. She can command a room with her unique and well-practiced teachings on consent, while offering and embodying a playfulness and sexiness that is vital to the pleasurable learning of participants. She always offers handouts and other supportive learning materials, and she ensures that our students have takeaways and measureable learning outcomes. She is a co-creator of our curriculum at the Institute for the study of Somatic Sexology and one of the world’s most experienced and respected somatic sex educators. Please contact me with any questions. Caffyn Jesse Phone/text: 250-537-1967 email: Website:
To whom it may concern I am writing on behalf of Corinne Diachuk. Corinne is absolutely one of the best presenters I have had the honour of learning from. She is thoughtful and courageous in her delivery. She cares very much about delivering the very best and most current information she has to offer and has gathered from her community. She spends a great deal of time laying out the handouts and information she sends people home with to ensure it is as useful as it can be to folks. I have been her friend, student, and colleague as well as been in a support role to a few events and workshops she has hosted. All of which were excellent and received rave reviews. I have also seen her shine as a presenter when things behind the scenes were presenting challenges and instead of having it impact her negatively instead she allowed it to bring more vulnerability and honesty to her teachings. Having witnessed both single evening events and week-long intensives I’m positive she will be a fantastic presenter for this years Guelph Sexuality Conference. She is also a strong leader and voice of inspiration amongst our community and peers. Cosmo Meens SSE