I believe that people who are connected to their authentic pleasure are happier, healthier, and make more positive life choices.

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This workshop offers a deep dive into a topic I believe has been overly simplified in media and mainstream culture. I so appreciate having the knowledge and skill to approach consent in a novel dynamic...

Deep Dive


I’ve been excited about practicing and understanding the wheel of consent ever since I witnessed it’s teaching from Betty Martin’s videos. This workshop gave me a firm grasp of the somatic subject matter that I’m...


Dan T

Expansive and accessible, rich in nuance and subtlety, vital building blocks for the rising paradigm of consent culture....


Greta Jane

I wish this class was a requirement - or at least more readily explored and discussed. The depth of the discussion, the “a-ha’s”, the thought-provoking treasure trove of it all, make it a topic I...


Charity Gourley